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1pc Dalbergia Wood for DIY Knife handle making and others DIY Crafts

$15.99 $14.75

2pcs DIY Knife handle. Imported Micarta scales, shank patch.


3/4/5mm Mosaic Pin Handle Rivet - 24cm Brass & Copper

$27.10 $22.16

6mm Mosaic Pin Rivets for Knife Handle - 9cm

$14.75 $12.28

Antler Handle Scales - Resin Finished Knife Handle Scales 95x35x6mm

$27.10 $22.16

C-Tek Knife handle material. Resin material Snake grain & Honeycomb Cell - Knife Handle Material


Cordia wood Knife handle Material - Scarce Mexico Cocobolo wood for Knife handle material

$18.46 $14.75

Damascus Hunting Knife + Ebony Handle, With Leather sheath


Damascus Steel hunting knife fixed blade camping knife with Antler handle - 3inch blade

$76.48 $61.67

DIY Knife handle Glass fibre G10 scales.Black, red, blue, green. 120x40x3mm

$25.86 $20.93

DIY knife handle material Zebra wood (Microberlinia brazzavillensis) Spoon Making materials

$9.81 $8.58

G10 Composite Material Damascus Pattern Handle Material and Scales


Glass fiber Knife making handle material, G10 Knife DIY handle tools


High quality Knife handle Camel bone plaster material -1 piece price

$11.05 $9.81

ivory white Making Knife handle Knife DIY resin material 120X40X8MM

$34.51 $28.33

Knife handle blanks 120x40x30mm wood pistol grip knife handle's material

$29.57 $22.16
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