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1pc Dalbergia Wood for DIY Knife handle making and others DIY Crafts

$16.19 $14.94

2pcs DIY Knife handle. Imported Micarta scales, shank patch.


3/4/5mm Mosaic Pin Handle Rivet - 24cm Brass & Copper

$27.44 $22.44

440C & 1095 Forged Damascus Steel Knife Blade Blanks. Sharp Fixed Hunting/Camping knifeblade


6mm Mosaic Pin Rivets for Knife Handle - 9cm

$14.94 $12.44

Antler Handle Scales - Resin Finished Antler Material for DIY Knife Handle - 125x40x7mm

$26.19 $22.44

Antler Handle Scales - Resin Finished Knife Handle Scales 95x35x6mm

$27.44 $22.44

Blacksmith Strike Hammer Wooden Handle 300-2000 gram


C-Tek Knife handle material. Resin material Snake grain & Honeycomb Cell - Knife Handle Material


CASTONG 500 degree High temperature safety gloves - 45cm

$77.44 $62.44

Chefs Knife Blank DIY Handmade Forged Japanese Damascus Steel Blade


CK Tech. Heat Insulation - 1000 Degree High Temperature Gloves

$174.94 $139.94

Cordia wood Knife handle Material - Scarce Mexico Cocobolo wood for Knife handle material

$18.69 $14.94

Damascus / VG10 Classic Hunting knife blade blanks DIY kits fixed blade 57HRC camping knife blade


DIY Handmade Forged Kitchen Knife Blank Japanese Damascus Chef Knife Material Sharp Santoku Sliced Bread Nakiri Gyuto


DIY Knife handle Glass fibre G10 scales.Black, red, blue, green. 120x40x3mm

$26.19 $21.19
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