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Hand Crafted Knives, Knife Sets, Blade Blanks and Materials as well as Forging and Blacksmith Tools and Cast Iron Products.

Knives and Tools

Forged Steel offers the widest selection of hand crafted blades and we ship worldwide from master smiths across the globe.

Our Damascus Hunting Knives are far superior to many you find online.  Simply look at our reviews to see the level of quality we demand from our suppliers.  All our suppliers use traditional methods mixed with modern technology which enables the same level of quality in every blade yet still has all the strength and durability that comes with hand forged knives.  It speeds up the creation process and in turn makes these knives much more affordable than from a smith using a hand hammer rather than a power hammer.

Our selection of chefs’ knives is possibly the largest, and certainly the finest collection of chefs’ knives available anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a knife set to breathe new life into your kitchen and your dishes, or whether you’re looking for a specific kitchen knife for a particular task, you’re certain to find what you’re looking for here.

We also offer a large number of whetstones, sharpening steels and electric sharpeners, allowing you to keep your kitchen knives in mint condition and razor sharp in preparation for every service, as well as a selection of knife blocks, wallets and roll bags which will enable you to store and transport your knives safely, securely and easily.

Our guide – which knives to buy – we offer comprehensive and easy to follow advice on every aspect of knife buying, from choosing the right knife for the right task, to sharpening and caring for your knives. Information you can trust, from the world’s leading knife suppliers.

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